Langkawi Restaurants, Cafes & Eating Out

The highest density of Langkawi restaurants can be found in tourist-friendly Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, as well as Kuah. Langkawi is a top tourist destination in South East Asia, attracting thousands of visitors to its shores every month. As a result, Langkawi restaurants have adapted well over the years and now caters for a wider audience.

Langkawi is well known for serving the most delicious food in Malaysia. Choose from freshly caught seafood and traditional Malay dishes, as well as Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine. Western meals are fast becoming more popular on the island too. In areas such as Kuah and Pantai Tengah you can expect to see many restaurants serving burgers, pasta, steak with chips on the side.

Catering For All Budgets

In Langkawi restaurants cater well for all budgets, as well as tastes. Whether you’re looking for a romantic a la carte meal for two, or a cheap dinner for RM5, Langkawi has it covered. From family run restaurants to large chain hotel establishments. Eating out on the island is exciting and varied to say the least.

For a cheap quick meal call into one of the many road side stalls to sample local Malay cuisine. Authentic dishes prepared and cooked within minutes . You can even bring along your own alcoholic beverages to some of these local eateries if its not provided. It goes without saying that you must purchase food if you wish to sit and enjoy your own drinks in their restaurant. Restaurants like these are perfect if you’re on a tight budget. Meals can cost as little as RM5. It’s also a great way to experience the ‘real’ Malay life.

The majority of mid-range restaurants are usually stand-alone establishments. The best ones tend to be those that have been passed down through generations by established islanders and their families. They often take particular care with the quality of food and the service they offer as their family name is at stake. While most Langkawi restaurants tend to specialise in one specific cuisine, some try to keep a range of popular and fusion dishes on the menu to cater to a larger base of customers.

High-end restaurants are more commonly found within luxury resorts or hotels and have specific themes. While they mainly rely on in-house customers who are staying at the establishment, some have made their presence felt in a big way and attract many outside guests as well.


Tips are not compulsory at any Langkawi restaurants, however, if you feel that you received great service then do leave a tip. A standard 10% would be very much appreciated by the staff. You may find that some establishments will automatically add a 10% service charge onto your bill. This is normally only at the higher end restaurants.