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On Langkawi weather conditions are generally warm and humid, with an annual monsoon season. Langkawi is the perfect destination for all year round sunshine and winter escapes. The island is situated near the equator and benefits from a tropical climate. It’s always hot with daytime temperatures rarely dipping below 26°C and climbing to 35°C some months. All year round you can spend your days lazing on the beach and enjoy dining outside under the stars in the evening. There may be the occasional rainfall and cloudy skies, but the weather is never likely to have you making any major changes to your holiday itinerary.

Langkawi is located on the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the Malaccan Straits. The island is shielded from major winds and storms by the mainland on one side and Sumatra on the other. Although Langkawi is well protected it is still affected by monsoons which bring the occasional heavy downpours. However, this is frequently followed by more sunshine and blue skies.

For the best Langkawi weather conditions, tourists tend to visit the island during the months December – April. This is because the weather is more settled and the evening temperatures are slightly cooler, providing a welcome break from the daytime heat.

When To Visit

Langkawi is an all year round holiday destination due to its tropical climate. Some visitors, however, do prefer to visit the island between December – May due to the good balance of sunshine and cool evening temperatures. During this period you can certainly expect scorching sunshine, but it’s not uncommon to witness a light shower on the odd occasion too. Day time temperatures range from 30°C – 35°C and the evenings are normally hovering in the mid to high 20’s. The humidity in some of the more built up areas can be high at times. Fortunately Langkawi has plenty of coastal regions where the sea breeze can offer the relief you need. The sea is often flat and calm between December – April too. The Andaman is the ideal place to enjoy water sports, including scuba diving and boating.

During the months June – November the weather can become a little more unsettled due to the monsoons. Typically the island receives the most rain during September and October. Thunderstorms are not uncommon during this period and can in fact be quite an amazing sight to witness. On average Langkawi obtains an annual rainfall of 250mm with most of it falling during the monsoon season. Although there can be a fair bit of rain, the temperatures always remain high due to the tropical climate.

The weather may not be at its very best during October and November, but you still get plenty of hot sunny days in between too. It’s also the quieter tourist season, therefore the prices for accommodation, activities and tours may be lower. Visiting Langkawi during the low season can be a great way to save money and ideal for those who prefer to escape the crowds.

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