About Langkawi Island

Paradise has many names and Langkawi is one of them. Everything you would expect from a tropical island paradise are here on Langkawi. From powder white beaches and clear turquoise waters, to lush ancient rain forest and a whole variety of wildlife. The Jewel of Kedah is waiting for you.

The Jewel of Kedah

Langkawi archipelago is situated off the northeast Malay coastline. Langkawi is just one of many islands which make up the archipelago and is frequently referred to as The Jewel of Kedah. There are over 100 idyllic islands scattered in the sea, where the Andaman Sea merges into the Malacca Straits.

The largest and most populated island is Langkawi. It’s about the size of Singapore. Visitors can arrive by plane or boat to the island and there’s an excellent road system to get around the island.

Langkawi’s capital, Kuah, is a busy hub of activity with the largest population of all the towns. Shopping malls, offices and restaurants as well as accommodation are all readily available in Kuah. Beyond Kuah, the landscape is a picturesque composition of Malaysian countryside. Lush, green rainforest mountains tower over vast expanses of paddy fields and traditional villages, while sandy white beaches hug the coastlines.

Much of the island’s character is that of a rustic Malay countryside, much reflected by the relaxed lifestyle of local villagers as they saunter to work or hang out with their buddies at the nearby warong. Another prevalent sight in this pastoral scene is that of water buffaloes nonchalantly basking in the paddy fields, their dark hides contrasting with the fertile green fields. One wonders if modern harvesting machinery have rendered them redundant, but this benevolent creature remains a charming sight to behold.


There is so much to see and do on Langkawi. Whether you like to stay active or prefer to chill in the sunshine. The island has something to offer everyone, including children. Langkawi is a fantastic destination for families, young and old. There’s plenty of activities for children including waterparks, aquariums, and sport. If you love nature and the great outdoors, view Langkawi high up from the mountain. Head up the cable car to the summit of Langkawi’s highest mountain, Mount Mat Cincang. The views from the top are breath-takimg.

Popular attractions include the 3 Geoforest Parks which are part of UNESCO. World famous Dayang Bunting Marble Park and Kilim Karst Park, as well as Machinchang Cambrian receive thousands of visitors every month. Add to this many gorgeous beaches and cascading waterfalls, as well as the Skybridge, Skycab and Skytrail.

Choose from over 5,500 accommodation options in Langkawi. From traditional homestay’s to luxury seafront villas. Langkawi’s magical charm is one which you have to experience for yourself. A spellbinding adventure for all who set foot on the island.