Getting Around Langkawi

There’s no public transport as such on the island. Therefore, your options for getting around Langkawi are limited to hiring a vehicle or using taxis. Unless your only plan is to spend 2 weeks inside your resort, the cheapest option would be to hire a vehicle because the taxis can be expensive. Hiring a motorbike or car will give you lots of independence too.

Taxi Service

Whether you arrive by plane or ferry, there will be taxis waiting at both locations, ready to escort you to your accommodation. Hopping in a taxi when you first arrive is always a wise idea, especially if you’re tired after the long journey. A taxi from Langkawi airport, or the main ferry pier (Kuah Jetty), to Pantai Cenang will cost you approx RM25. Taxi coupons/tickets are available to buy inside the airport terminal on arrival. If you arrive into Kuah Jetty and looking to travel to Kuah Town, you can expect to pay approx RM8.

The taxis on Langkawi work to a fixed price system. There are of course pros and cons to this, but on the whole it’s a good system as there is no need to barter with the driver, nor can they rip you off. Very few visitors ever encounter problems  when using the local service because its always clear what the price is, which makes it fair and easy to understand. You will find that the system is a lot more efficient than some of the situations you may have encountered elsewhere in South East Asia. On the whole taxis are reliable and trustworthy, but it is a more expensive way of getting around Langkawi.

Car & Motorbike Hire

Getting around Langkawi independently by car or motorbike is highly recommended. It gives you a lot more freedom and is considerably cheaper than taxis. Choose from well known car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz and Europcar when you arrive into Langkawi airport. There are also a number of car hire companies operating from the main pier in Kuah and in Pantai Cenang. Do refrain from renting from touts who wonder the streets offering their car hire services. Many are operating illegally without permits and usually without the necessary insurance cover.

Renting an air-conditioned mid-sized sedan can cost approx RM70 – RM150 per day (depending on model, condition and length of stay). A 150cc motorbike/scooter will cost approx RM40 – RM45 per day. A cheaper option would be the slightly older semi-automatic 115cc motorbikes which you can pick up for approx RM25 a day.

Getting around Langkawi by hire car or motorbike will be a great experience. You will have the freedom to go where you like, when you like. However, remember you are in a foreign country and it’s likely you will encounter different situations than back home, such as chickens and dogs in the road. You’re likely to see the odd buffalo crossing your path too. Cattle, dogs and snakes often like to lie on the warm road at night so watch out for them too. Finally, make sure you have travel insurance and that it covers you for renting a motorbike or car.

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